NR Breeders
The Internet Source for Naturally Reared Puppies and Kittens
The NR Breeders listed in this directory
profess to subscribe to a protocol of

using no or limited vaccines;
a wholly or primarily fresh food diet;
the use of an alternative and
   supportive system of medical treatment
   as priority over western medicine, chemical     
   treatments and pharmaceutical products;
and a general philosophy of raising dogs and cats
   in a "natural" rather than a
   "technologically enhanced"  manner. 

Individual breeders will vary as to
their particular methods, and the extent to which
they may or may not  make use of different types
of feeding and protocols of care. 

This web site is designed to provide a location
for NR Breeders and those who are seeking NR pets
to find each other on the Internet. 
It is not responsible for any claims made by
any individual breeder or any prospective pet owner.
We do reserve the right to refuse to list any breeder
at our own discretion.

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