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How To Get Listed
We hope to make this web site represent
the largest international listing of
NR Breeders on the internet.  We are
here to serve you, the NR Breeder, to the end of encouraging the healthy, supportive, and holistic rearing of your carefully bred puppies and kittens throughout their lifetimes. 

Listing with NR Breeder means listing
with a targeted audience specifically
looking for a breeder who's puppies or
kittens have not been raised on highly
processed or even toxic pet food
products, over-vaccinated, chemically altered by monthly pesticide products,
surgically mutilated by infant hysterectomy or castration, or
endangered by the implantation of
such things as RFID microchips.

While individual NR Breeders will vary
as to their specific protocols of care and
rearing, most will consider the description
above to be a generally acceptable
definition of an NR Breeder.  If your own
protocol differs greatly from this general
definition in several areas, we request
that you do not seek to be listed with
NR Breeders.

If your protocol reflects and embraces
this general definition, then this is the
site designed specifically for your
breeder listing!  Welcome!
Breeder ads will be catalogued first by breed group, and then alphabetically
by breed.  If the registry becomes large
enough within a particular breed, it will
then be broken down into geographic
listings by country, state, and province
as appropriate.

All listings will include the following:

* Your kennel or cattery name;
* Breed Registry (CKC, AKC, UKC, ANKC,
     KC, NCC, CFA, TICA, etc.)
* Free link to your web site and / or
     email address;
* Appropriate photo;
* Up to thirty words of sub text

The yearly cost for listing with
NR Breeders is just $25 (U.S) and you
can pay for your listing easily
with our PayPal button, below.

All new listers placing a link back to
NR Breeders on their web sites will  receive a FREE additional six months
listing, totaling 18 months
(a full year and a half!)
at the 12 month price!

So, list with us now, and link to
our site, and your kennel or cattery
box ad will be appear on
NR Breeders for a year and a half
at a cost of just  $25 (U.S.) !

Business ads will be listed separate from
breeder ads.  If you have a business that
relates to the needs of NR Breeders and
NR Pet Owners, and would like to
advertise on our site, please email us
regarding your interest.

We reserve the right to refuse any listing
or any renewal listing request.
Send us:
* Your kennel or cattery name;
* Breed Registry (CKC, AKC, UKC, ANKC,
  KC, NCC, CFA, TICA, etc.)
* Web site and / or email address;
* Appropriate photo (no larger than
     200 pxls by 200 pxls - will be resized)
* Up to thirty words of sub text
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to your web site
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